BEST CURRY: THAI-AM NO. II 13037 Gulf Blvd. Madeira Beach (727) 398-9700 Americans are often surprised to discover that curry is not a spice but rather a complex blend of many spices. Since each cook designs their own, a restaurant is particularly distinguished by the flavor of its curry. Diners who savor the flavor of spice have to make a diligent search of East Indian and Thai restaurants to find the cook who really rings their chimes. We found ours at Thai-Am No. II, where the bounteous bargain lunch buffet is often graced with dishes of deep flavor. READERS' CHOICE: Taj, 2734 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, 813-971-8483
13037 Gulf Blvd., Madeira Beach, FL 33708 | Phone: (727) 398-9700
WEEKLY PLANET Volume 11 Number 25: September 17-23, 1998 BEST OF THE BAY '98 PROFILES: The Tampa Bay area is a  sprawling metropolis divided by water and bombarded by large corporate chains. The fine residents of this subtropical center are threatened by cultural apathy. MISSION:  As per orders from headquarters, we sent our most talented spies, armed only with their exquisite taste and superb knowledge, to infiltrate the Bay area's cultural hot spots. They were to report back with a list of the best people, news, cuisine, arts, entertainment, goods and services--a list that is highly subjective, but, we assure you, most excellent. Finally, their top secret reports have become declassified and available for your enjoyment.
Best of the Bay 1998: Best Curry
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