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Thai Food, Vegetarian and General Comments “Pooh is a wonderful waitress, very friendly and efficient. She needs a raise!!! The Thai food is the Best in Pinellas County!” - Janet Dierdorf, Air Traffic Controller “Everything here is the way it ought to be. I come here to take a vacation from my brain and enjoy the peace and balance.” - Laramie Reeder, Bartender “Always good!” - Gent and Emie Otto “We have been coming here many years--This is our favorite Thai restaurant in the Clearwater/St. Pete Beach.” - Lisa and Tony “I want Tony from the Kitchen. He is my sweetheart boy.” - Chuck, Schooner Motel’s Owner “You shouldn’t change anything.” - Emie, Student “Need private room for privacy.” - Dean-O, Tattoo Dude “Everything is perfect. Thank you.” - Tiffany, Student “Great job, huge portion, friendly atmosphere!” - David, Sales “Happy.” - Jan Farris, Artist “You guys are great!” - Mark, Financial Advisor “I always enjoy my dining experience at Thai-AM (2).” - A. Computer, Musician “Best Thai food in Tampa Bay!” - Ken, Veterinarian “Need to be open on Monday.” - Patrick Vacchiano, Dock Master "The employees are always friendly nice. The food is always great taste." - Justin Penn "Always excellent food & great service." - Dave Clayton, Retired "Everything was wonderful--as normal. Thank you!" - Flona, Chef & Manager "When fried rice is ordered, suggest that the customer not receive the white rice. The server was very helpful. We thank him for our selection." - Simon Son, Banking "Very good selections here for Vegetarian like me." - Richard Steiner, Pharmacist "Nude female servers, Maybe?" - Donnie Cocker, Graphic Artist "We love your restaurant. Been coming for 4 years. Thank you!!" - James Strong, Waiter/Bartender “This place is great! Everyone should experience.” - Bryan, Student “None! You guys rock! Woo!” - Emily, Student “Let people know about the Litchi nut dessert.” - Gina Radzinski, Massage Therapist - Business Owner (NOTE: Litchi nut or Lychee is a small, round, sharply-sourly sweet, and juicy Chinese fruit with whitish translucent pulp and a red heart-shaped crust. Lychee is always mentioned with Longan which is fruit tree native to southeastern Asia but now grown commercially in Hawaii and Florida. Longan fruits have dark brown crusts, are also juicy, translucent, sweet, but not sour like Lychee. Both are perfect fruit desserts after eating hot & spicy meals such as curry or Tom Yum. Highly recommended. Thai pronunciations: /Lin-jee/ for Lychee & /Lum-yai/ for Longan. » WEBMASTER) “A must try in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area. You won’t be disappointed! My family’s favorite place to dine because of the great food and people. - Tammy Pellegrini, Massage Therapist “Everything is great. We come all the way from Alabama and eat here every time.” - Elizabeth Hamilton, Front Office Manager “People with cameras should not be allowed to take pictures of the fish tank.” - Robert Falconsen "The best, thanks." - Ed Broussard, Broker “1st time: love it!” - Sarah Swink, Server “No change! In service, it is excellent!” - John Kline "Love the place! We’ll be back for sure--best waiter--he even speaks Portuguese!" - Trans Justin, Waiter "Do not change anything. We love all." - Helen + Alan Marrullier, Investment Banking "Great food--great people!! This is an awesome place and we always have a great experience! Thank!" - Coslette "We keep coming back--keep up the great work!!" - Dr. David Gragowski/Shanon Boles "There is very good food." - Lori Sabathe "Yum Nuer (beef salad) was very good but it will be even better if more lime juice is added." - Rachel, Student "Great food & service! I will be back often." - Eric Scott "We always have great food & service when we come here." - Dale & Pat Forrester "It is very good and everyone is friendly." - Carol, Registered Nurse "Thank you." - Scott Evans "Very nice!" - Tatiana and Mariya, Students “Tell me how the Arrow got in the Apple!” - Dan Volpe, Entrepreneur “Excellent hospitality. Thanks!” - Tommy, Dentist “Great, spicy food! Great people!” - Anonymous “Serve beef with coconut milk and roasted peanut at the buffet.” - Paulo Miro, Retired  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sushi & Japanese Food Comments “Best fish/sushi I ever ate. Love it!” - Fern Wood, Insurance Agent “Very fresh sushi, great variety. Service is above and beyond excellent.” - Tara Teelucksingh, Realtor “If you have never had Unagi you haven’t lived. Thai-Am (2) has turned into my favorite food away from home. Except I always overeat.” - Laura Meyer, X-ray Tech. "The best of both worlds…Sushi + Thai! Yum!!" - Barband Laurie "Best sushi in this area! Cute Thai dishes, too!" - Shelly Miller, Medical Technologist "Best sushi on the Beach + we’ve been to them all! We love (1) dollar sushi night on Wed & Thu!" - John Miller, Sales "Melissa loves no sesame! Thank you always." - Melissa “This is my favorite restaurant, actually it’s the only place I’ll eat! Steve & Gan are the greatest! Thai-Am 2 forever!” - Anonymous “Thai-Am # 2 has the best food & the coolest sushi chefs in the world! Yippee for the vegetable rolls!” - Madeleine, Student "Great as always--The specials (Beauty & The Beast and Snow Eel) were awesome." - Ken & Sandy Reinbach, Airlines “Try all the Sushi Specials. Best on the East coast. Fresh, imaginative, & artistic Creation --Fantastic!” - Lucy Miranda, Clinical Operation’s Manager "Conch is very fresh." - Rachel, Student "We love the sushi! Everyone is very nice and we love eating here." - Marissa Kyne, Occupational Therapist “Excellent sushi. Best in St. Pete.” - Fred Knox “A ride to my home if I drink too much sake. PS: Every time I order delivery, you are very fast. Thanks!” - Simon Horsey, Real Estate Appraiser “BEST sushi in Town! Thank you.” - Linda, Server “Extend $1 sushi night every night. Add yellowtail to $1 or $2 (sushi) menu.” - Celeste Petrie, Occupational Therapist “The wasabi was great.” - Karen, Student “Sushi is awesome here. Better than any other place. Great prices too! Food is very excellent too! Excellent service too. That’s why we come every week!!” - Jeannette Wilkinon, Sales “Everything is great. We’ve visited for Thai food & sushi.” - Bonnie & Clyde, Bank Robbery “Gan & Steve are Xlent, the Best.” - Rob Naybar, Sales “Very good! Sushi is Great!” - Anthony Esposito “I love (1) dollar sushi night!!” - Aja, Server
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